Smart City Solutions

Whether working with a small town or with a large city , GODSPEED focuses on the same fours critical areas that underpin all effective digital transformation

Smart Parking

  • Optimized parking
  • Reduced traffic & pollution
  • Integrated Payments and POS
  • Decreased Management Costs
  • Increased Service and Brand Image

Smart Education

  • Adaptive learning
  • Collaborative learning
  • Performance-based assessments
  • Students take responsibility of their learning

Smart Poles

  • Flexible street LED Light arms
  • Provision to fit Wi-Fi antennae, environmental sensors and emergency announcement systems
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Electrical Vehicle Charging
  • Digital banners for messaging and advertising


  • Security Camera Systems.
  • Wireless Video Surveillance.
  • Camera Features.
  • Video Surveillance Apps.
  • Software Features, License Plate Recognition, Video Analytics, Smart Search, ONVIF, Cloud Storage.

Control Center

  • City surveillance
  • Real-time Traffic allerts
  • crime check
  • Video Analytics
  • Smart application control center
  • Emergency circulars

Smart Surveillance

  • High-Definition and Wide-Angle Video
  • W ireless Technology
  • Night Vision/Low-Light Cameras
  • Remote Access and Cloud Backup
  • Motion Sensors and Automation

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