Interactive LCD Display

Intelligent meeting solutions

The new generation of large-size tablet computers, based on traditional audio and video transmission, will increase the transmission of the content of the conference writing. Multi-screen interaction, efficient sharing, multi-party and simultaneous online discussion have greatly improved the intuitive experience of members.


The remote session Interaction in different places, multi-screen sharing

Interactive video speech Multiple sync, two-way call

Group discussion Whiteboard writing, wireless screen

Model Size Brightness Viewing Angle Life-time Resolution Colour Pixel Pitch Contrast Response Time PC Configuration Windows
GS-IT55 55" 400 cd/m2 +176° >60000 Full HD 1.07 G 0.334(H)x0 5000:1 6.5 ms Processor: Intel Core i3/i5/i7, RAM: 4GB/8GB/16GB
or Android
GS-IT65 65" 360 cd/m2 +178° 4K 1.07 Billion 0.744(H)x0 4000:1 6.5 ms
GS-IT75 75" 350 cd/m2 +176° 16.7 M 0.802(H)x0 5000:1 4 ms
GS-IT84 84" 350 cd/m2 +178° 1.06 Billion 0.4845(H)x0 1600:1 5 ms
GS-IT98 98" 500 cd/m2 +178° 1.06 Billion 0.5622(H)x0.5622 1600:1 6.5 ms

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